Litter from Amazing Grace and Manjaro Neo

Sneak peak of her gorgeous F2 kittens, born 25th March. She has had two babies, we will have to wait a week or two before we find out the sexes! See picture below. Please Contact Us for further information. 

Litter from Savannahglam Atma and Manjaro Neo

Atma and Neo are the proud parents of 7 F3 Kittens. We have one Cinnamon male kitten available and one brown male. Please see pictures below.

Upcoming Litters 

 Zulu and Savannahglam Posy (F1) - due F1s any day now.

Monty and Darcy (F1) - due F2s soon

Kimondo (serval) and Savannahglam Bronte - due F1 kittens this month

Onyx (Melanistic) and Mia (F3) - due F4 kittens soon. 

Manjaro Neo and Cleo - possibly pregnant, so possible F3s due in the future!


Please email to register your interest, or alternatively WhatsApp/Text to: 07985522981


Please note that Serval Kittens and F1 kittens require a DWA license in the UK from your local council and a copy of your license must be shown to us prior to delivery/Collection of your kitten.