This is Kimondo, he is currently 6 years old, and  is very friendly and playful. He was born on the 16th November 2013 and he came to us from Rosanne Boyle of Hotspot Exotics. Thank you so much Rosanne!

Kimondo occasionally hybridises and produces f1 kittens. But we no longer have serval female adults and so do not produce serval kittens.

Kimondo, at 6 months old while having a play with his new mouse friend!

Manjaro Neo Of Glitterglam.
Neo has extreme type, especially for an F7. An amazing stud boy.
Wonderful temperament, full of fun and we always look forward to seeing his kittens.

Aalspotz Midnight Cowboy of Savannahglam. 

This stunning black F7 boy, suitably nicknamed Onyx, is a large and  proven stud. 

He has been a great addition to our breeding line, producing amazing kittens.